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 Wolf Guide

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PostSubject: Wolf Guide   Wolf Guide Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 8:56 pm

Wolf guide

Wolf Guide Pg_17

Here a video of PVP wolf vs bear

Author: The Epidemic

Credit to The Epidemic, thanks very much for giving us permission to put this guide on our site.

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Wolf Guide:

So with this new update we can now have a Wolf as a pet. For the price of 1,000,000 gold are they worth it? The answer in short, YES!!!!! Yes they are.

In this guide I’ll go over some simple steps of what to do once you purchase a Wolf, and how you can get him through those early levels quickly.

1: First thing to do after purchasing your pet is to name him.

- You can only pick a name once, so make it a good one!

Wolf Guide 2_11

2: Next buy a few items for him.

- I always have small animal heals on me for my horses, but I made sure I had about 8 once got my Wolf.

- I really haven’t had use for the hunger potion yet. I did the math as far as hunger. Your Wolf should last over 2 and a half hours before he’d starve to death. His hunger fills when he levels, and while he’s away.

- If you want grab a Cure potion or two for him. My Wolf got poisoned once in a period of an hour and a half. I’d say their optional, but if your paranoid, grab a few. Those Grass of Life’s are 50K!

- Needless to say, grab one or two Grass of Life’s before heading out.

3: Next take him out hunting.

(The stronger the creature the more XP he gets. You could rush him by taking him to fight strong creatures right away, but at low level he can’t take too many blows from high level monsters. And at 50K a pop to bring him back to life if he dies I recommend taking the hour or so that it’ll take to get him above level 12. I’ve devised a simple leveling system to get him to 12 quickly.)

- It only took me about 15-20 min or so to get him to level 5 killing Mangryang’s and Weasels.

- I recommend then taking him to an area where you can fight Yeoha’s till he’s about lvl 7. Then take him over to Tiger’s.

- Once he’s level 12 or higher he’s good enough to stay with you fighting creatures as strong as Tiger’s or better.

- Once your Wolf reaches your level he’s a great aid in fighting creatures you encounter. He helps a bit with unwanted swarms, and makes it so you have to use less Magical attacks. I know most monsters my level I can kill with one charge of my Lit and the Smash attack with my sword plus 3 or 4 extra hits (or another Weapon attack). The Wolf is really great at helping take care of those few extra hits so you don’t have to use another Weapon Attack to take down the creature. I know he's been saving me alot of mana potions which I usually BURN through.

4: At level 40 Your Wolf grows and he gains the ability to be ridden. I’ve been told there’s armor for your Wolf, but that may be a rumor. All the data I gathered for this guide was done the day the Wolf update came out.

My Character’s name is Xavian and I play on the Athens server. If you see me around feel free to say hi!
AIM: EpidemicSDP
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Wolf Guide
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