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 Silkroad Online Elite Guide (General view)

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PostSubject: Silkroad Online Elite Guide (General view)   Silkroad Online Elite Guide (General view) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 9:00 pm

Picked from here

Silkroad Online Elite Guide

Author: Atomic

Credit to Atomic, thanks very much for giving us permission to put this guide on our site.

Discuss this guide on forum

Table of Contents

1. Your Character
A. Stats
B. Weapons
C. Armors
D. Mods
E. Status Effects
F. Elements
G. Skill Points & Experience
H. Damage
2. Quests
3. Alchemy
4. Tips & Tricks
5. Notes


1. Your Character

A. Stats:
• Strength(Str): Gives higher physical damage and more health.
• Intelligence(Int): Gives higher magic damage and more mana.

• Each level you get you gain 5 stats. 2 are distributed automatically, 1 into str and 1 into int. The other 3 stats can be distributed manually.

B. There're five classes of weapons:
• Swords: can equip shields, mental based, double attack
• Daggers: can equip shields, physical based, double attack, lower critical
• Spears: two-handed, highest mental power, higher critical
• Big-swords: two-handed, highest physical power, Slow weapon
• Bows: two-handed, long range, fast attack, relative low physical/mental power

C. There're three classes of body equipment:
• Armor: high physical defense, low mental defense.
• Garment: high mental defense, low physical defense.
• protector: balance in physical and mental defense.

Armor set bonuses:
• Full armor set: No bonus.
• Full protector set: -10% mp usage, +10% moving speed.
• Full garment set: -20% mp usage, +20% moving speed.

D. Set Item Mods:
• Degree: Used to determine what degree lucky power to use for alchemy.
• Phy. Damage: The Phy. damage range for the weapon.
• Mag. Damage: The Mag. damage range for the weapon.
• Parry: Causes the damage to be minimal from the base damage of the other player or monster. For example if a weapon has a damage range of 100-150 and you have high parry the damage will be closer to the 100 damage range then 150.
• Attack Rating: Opposite of parry the higher your attack rating the better chance of hitting the maximum on your weapons damage range over the enemys parry ratio.
• Block: The higher the better chance you have of blocking an attack.
• Durability: Durability is how long your weapon/armor can last before breaking and needing to be repaired.
• Critical: The chance of hitting a critical hit with your weapon.
• Attack Distance: How close/far your character has be to attack the enemy.
• Phy. Absorb: The percentage of how much physical damage you will absorb rather then take.
• Mag. Absorb: The percentage of how much magical damage you will absorb rather then take.
• Phy. Reinforce: The higher the percent of phy. reinforce the better the physical damage will increase after a successful alchemy/enchant
• Mag. Reinforce: The higher the percent of mag. reinforce the better the magical damage will increase after a successful alchemy/enchant

Blue Item mods:
• Str x Increase: adds +x amount to Strength.
• Int x Increase: adds +x amount to Intelligence.
• Reduce status: reduce the duration of a status by a percentage.
• Immortal: If upgrade fails prevents equipments from breaking(losing the item).
• Steady: If upgrade fails it prevents equipments from losing durability.
• Lucky: Increase chance of successful upgrade.
• Repair Invalid: Cannot be repaired, durability is much higher than normal.
Immortal, steady and lucky has a number of times use, and when the number reach zero the stat is gone. For Example: Steady(2Time/Times) it would last for 2 alchemy fails.

E. Status Effects:
• Burn: You lose some hp every few seconds.
• Darkness: Half’s the effect of mana potions for example if your mana pots usually give you 1000 mana back it will only give 500 with the darkness state.
• Electric shock: Lowers parry rate, thus increasing the chance of doing higher damage.
• Freezing: It renders you immobile. IS NOT THE SAME AS STUN.
• Frostbite: Slows you down and decreases your attack speed.
• Poison: Same as burn but damage taken is constant.
• Stun: It renders you immobile and disables the use of items. Level 14 glaive skill has this.
• Zombie: When any hp skills or potion is used, hp is decreased instead of healing you.

F. Elements:
• Cold: Lowest damaging element yet most effective cold can cause frostbite and freezing.
• Lightning: Medium damage it can increase the speed of attacks or your character.
• Fire: Highest damaging element can cause burn which does some damage over time.
• Force: Force is just healing and protection for you and others.

G. Skill Points and Experience:
• Skill Point Experience: Every time the yellow bar above your experience bar fills you gain 1 skill point.
• Experience: The green bar under your skill point experience bar when it reaches 100% you gain a level for your character.

H. Damage:
• White Numbers: This is showing the amount of damage you are giving to the enemy.
• Red Numbers: This is showing the amount of damage you are taking.
• Orange Number: this is showing damage being taken by fire status.
• Greenish Yellow Numbers: This is showing the damage being taken by poison status.
• Block: This shows that the damage was totally negated. Only characters with shields can block.

2. Quests

Edited: Please see our quests guide:


3. Alchemy

What is alchemy?
Alchemy is enchanting you weapon, armor, or accessory.

What does alchemy do?
If you have ever seen a weapon, armor, or accessory with a (+1), or (+2) etc. after the item name, this is what alchemy does.

How many +# can I have on an item?'
You can have up to a +9 from my understanding although I’ve yet to see any this high. The highest I have seen is a +7. The +# on weapons also gives different color glows depending on how many +s you have. For example a + 3 weapon would give just a nice shiny glow to your weapon.

What does the +# after the item name mean?
This basically means that the item is 1, 2, or 3 etc. levels higher then its current level although it is not as good as an item actually that level would be.

What do I need to do alchemy?
An item, elixir, and a lucky powder are the only things needed. The lucky powder isn’t necessarily needed but it is recommended because it seems to give a much better chance of a successful enchant.

Tips for better success in enchanting:
Lucky powders: Increases the chances of the alchemy succeeding.
Steady: If enchanting fails it prevents equipments from losing durability.
Immortal: If upgrade fails prevents equipments from breaking(losing the item).
Lucky: Increase chance of successful upgrade.

Now let’s learn how to use alchemy on an item. Let’s say you want to enchant your level 24 bow. Lets say your bow has 4th degree on it so go to the grocery store in Donwhang and buy a 4th degree lucky powder. Once you buy the lucky powder you need to find or buy a weapon elixir since a bow is a weapon, once you got all of that press “A” and right click the alchemy action; it looks like an open scroll. This will bring up a new box with an empty square this is where you place your bow, so put it in there now. When you place your box in the empty box 2 other boxes will open up this is where you place your weapon elixir and lucky powder. Go ahead and do that, once you have press the Joint button. In the chat window it will let you know if the alchemy succeeded or failed.
If you had +2, +3 etc. and the enchant fails you will loose those +s, durability and even possibly loose the item, I haven’t lost the item yet from a failed enchant so it’s a low percentage to loose the item. That’s about it on enchanting an item, good luck.


5. Tips & Tricks

Buy stuff in a batch.
Don’t want to drag arrows into your inventory and type 250 or drag potions to your inventory and type 50. Just hold ctrl and left click on the item and it will buy a stack for you.

Supposed to be used to kill botters but you can also have some fun with them, now this is mean but funny. Buy a protector at the general store and cast one outside of Jangan and watch for the first person to attack it. Have fun.

Extra Experience Gain Per kill.
Join respective parties, full parties (4 people) give 10% experience gain per kill.

Skill point farming.
Skill point farming is basically gaining skill points faster then experience. Skill point gain is determined by the difference of your highest mastery level to you characters level. The bigger the difference the more skill point experience you will gain and the lower your experience gain will be. The biggest difference is a 9 level difference, for example Bicheon Mastery level 5 and your character level 14 that is the highest level difference and the fastest skill point gain in Silkroad.

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Silkroad Online Elite Guide (General view)
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