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  Best attack & defence combinations

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 Best attack & defence combinations Empty
PostSubject: Best attack & defence combinations    Best attack & defence combinations Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 9:03 pm

Best attack & defence combinations

Author: Whiskey

Credit to Whiskey , thanks very much for giving us permission to put this guide on our site.

Discuss this guide on forum

I´m going to explain the best combinations between weapon, force mastery, defensive equipment and stats distribution because doing that right at the first try is difficult and changing skills is expensive and not possible until lvl 20.
So there we go!:

1) Attack:

- Weapon:

a) Archer:
Pros: Range attack and low damage received.
Cons: Low damage inflicted.

b) Bicheon:
Pros: Medium damage inflicted and high defense with shield (one handed weapon)
Cons: Medium damage received (it needs a lot of strikes to kill the enemy)
Note: Sword has physical damage > magical, Blade phy < mag

c) Heuksal:
Pros: High damage inflicted and fastest killer(needs few strikes to kill)
Cons: High damage received (two handed weapon leaves us absorbing all the damage in body to body fight)
Note: glavie has phy > mag and Spear phy < mag.

- Attack force masteries:

a) Fire:
Pros: High damage
Cons: Medium defense (passive shield...)

b) Cold:
Pros: High defense (freeze or slow enemies)
Cons: Low damage

c) Lightning:
Pros: Medium damage and multiple targeting
Cons: Medium defense (fan spear...)

2) Denfensive equipment:

- Armor:
Pros: High physical defence and can be combined with protector.
Cons: Low magical defence

- Protector:
Pros: Equal defence against phy and mag damage and can be combined with armor. If u wear FULL protector equipment 10% mana saved and 10% speed increased.
Cons: Maybe that u are good at all but not the best.

- Garment:
Pros: High magical defence and 20% mana saved, 20% speed increased.
Cons: Low phy defence and can not be combined.

Now that we have all that info can think about the best combinations of them. The stats points (u get them when u lvl up, 1 is added to strength, 1 to inteligence and the other 3 are free to distribute) distribution will be a consequence of our choices as I will explain.

- Archer:

Max defence: They receive low damage so the can invert all the stats points into intelligence, that means it´s going to be a PURE INT character (maximice magical damage) and for those the best equipment is GARMENT because of the 20% bonus.

Min attack: The make low damage so we have two options:
A) Improve the defence more: COLD because u can freeze or slower enemies and have more time for ranged attack.
B) Improve attack: FIRE because it´s the most powerful.
ANote: I don´t recommend lightning because it targets more than one enemy sometimes and that means that one of the monsters will have to be killed in body to body fight with our weak defence equipment.

- Bicheon:

Medium defence: The receive medium damage and are slow killers so they should invert in strenth to be: PURE STR (max phy damage) that wear ARMOR or HYBRID (same stats points to str and int) that wear PROTECTOR (I recomend FULL for the 10% bonus).
Note: Pure str should use a SWORD and protector depending on which maestry prefers can use SWORD OR BLADE.

Medium attack: The inflict medium damage so they can:
A) Improve defence: COLD, it´s a low damage force so it should be only for PROTECTORS using BLADE.
B) Improve attack: FIRE for ARMOR or PROTECTOR.
Note: I don´t recommend lightning because of the same reason that archers.

- Heuksal:

Min defence: Seeing this we can think about:
- PURE STR character wearing ARMOR should fight using weapon mastery and imbue
- HIBRYD using PROTECTOR and fighting with one force nuke and heuksal skills with imbue.
- PURE INT GARMENT should attack with some force nukes and finishing work with imbued heuksal skills.
Note: Pure str should use GLAVIE, pure int SPEAR and hibryds any of them depending on which mastery prefers.
And why can we think about everything?? Because of...

Max attack: Hits hard and are fast killers. So we hace different options:
A) Improve defence: COLD in a PROTECTOR.
B) Improve attack:
- FIRE with ARMOR (we will have a good defence and all stats in str so we have to work with the most powerful force), PROTECTOR (we´re good but not the best in all attacks so we take the most powerful one), GARMENT (we are not strong but have great intelligence so combinating this with the most powerful means a lot).
- LIGHTNING with PROTECTOR or GARMENT because it´s a medium damaged force tecnique so we have to improve the most we can the magical damage and can be really powerful with the 10 and 20% bonus respectively)

Well I guess that´s all. It´s only my opinion and I´ll be pleased to hear yours or answer any questions. And of course that other combos can also be great!!!

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Best attack & defence combinations
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