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 Alchemy 101

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PostSubject: Alchemy 101   Alchemy 101 Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 9:05 pm

one video for seeing it , is little old , but the principle is the same

Alchemy 101

Author: Spuddles

Credit to Spuddles , thanks very much for giving us permission to put this guide on our site.

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Ok, this guide is to help people understand how the alchemy system works. It will be covering all aspects, from tablets and items, to infusing and enhancing weapons and armor.

Firstly, I shall start with elixirs. Elixirs are items that are infused with weapons and armor, to give them an increase in their stats. The types of elixirs are as below:

Weapon Elixir – used to increase weapons stats
Protector Elixir – used to increase armor stats
Shield Elixir – used to increase shield stats
Accessory Elixir – used to increase accessory stats

Now, these elixirs can be found from any monster, but they are extremely rare to find. They can be sold to NPCs for about 20k. If you have one, you can use it on the specific item stated on the elixir. By pressing “Y” on the keyboard brings up the Alchemy window. Selecting the second tab near the top, called Att. Enhance. Place your item to be enhanced in the right box, and the elixir in the left box that appears. If you want, you can buy a Lucky Powder from the Goods Merchant of any town, depending on the degree of item, and use it as well. Once all the required items are in place, click on the Fuse button, and Voila! Your item should now have a (+1) next to its name.

Tablets and Stones
Now, the next new addition to the alchemy due to the update is the use of stones and tablets. These are what you can find from monsters and buy from NPCs:

Tablets – these come in three different types
Jade – these types of tablets increase stats on the weapons but only specific ones e.g. accuracy, magic reinforce etc.
Ruby – these tablets add special attributes such as STR increases, Attack rating increases etc.
Sapphire – these are extremely rare, and are used to create Drug potions that increase moving speed by a percentage.
Alchemy Items – monsters usually drop these, and when combined with Void Rondo, they produce elements. The elements given depend on the type of item, and the level of the elements.
Elements – there are four in total, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and come in a range of levels. I think the maximum is 9; I’m not sure at this moment.
Rondos – these are the breakdown potions, and can be bought from any Grocery merchant. There are two types:
Void – used to breakdown alchemy items into elements.
Destroyer – used to breakdown weapons and armor into elements.

Tablets also vary in levels, just the same as the elements. The tablets require a specific amount of elements, and most of the time in different levels. If you happen to have a tablet and the right amount of elements, then you can create a stone. These stones can be used like elixirs, except they add attributes or effects as listed on the tablet.

To breakdown items to elements, open the alchemy window again (if you need to know how, look up near the top of this guide), and click on the tab listed “Material Processing”. What you notice is that there is a box for the tablet/rondo, and eight boxes for the items/elements. Placing the Void Rondo in the right box, the eight boxes will open, and you can place in the items to breakdown into elements. If the Destroyer Rondo is placed, I think only one box opens for the item. Once everything is placed, you can use the two arrow tabs to select how many you want to break down, or you can click Fuse All.
NOTE: Make sure you have enough space for the elements!
Now, once that is done, and the items are broken down, you can check how many elements you received in your inventory.

Next, if you have the required amount on the tablet, you can make a stone. To see how many you need, and what level, look down near the bottom of the tablet description for the amount.
It should look like this:

Earth Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit
Water Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit
Fire Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit
Wind Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit

This will show the elements needed, the level for each, and the amount. To make a stone is just like breaking down the items, instead you place the tablet in the right box. Four boxes should appear, and you place the elements in them. Once fused, a stone should appear in your inventory.
NOTE: Make sure you check the Assimilation Probability percentage, as that is important!!!
Now, to infuse the stone with the item it is designed for, switch tabs to the Att. Enhance, and place the item in the right box. This time, place the stone into the box that opens, and hit fuse. If lucky, it will work, but if not, then it might be due to the probability percentage. If it did work, you can check the new attributes and/or effects on its description.

And that’s it! If you need anymore help, or this guide has some key facts missing, email me at!


Edow additional information

Advanced Elixirs

Advanced elixirs works like the common elixirs. You must put it on the alchemy window with the item you want to pimp. The only difference in the process is you can't use lucky powders.
The success rate of those Elixirs are of 100%.

- What is the difference between the Adv Elixir Grade A and B?
The grade A makes your item +1 with a 100% success rate, the grade B makes your item +2 with a 100% success rate.

- How many times I can use an Adv Elixir per item?
You can use only 1 time an advanced elixir in one of your items. Doesn't matter if you use grade A or B, if you use one of them, you can't use another one again on that item.

- From where I can get the Adv Elixirs?

At this moment the information about this is very limited. The only way we know at this moment for make Adv Elixirs is destroying SoX items for get grade A Adv Elixirs. This way is very limited because if you destroy a SoX item, the result is a Sealed Adv Elixir, who makes you only able to use it on another SoX item of the same degree as the destroyed one.
Another way is through the Magic POP, only A grade is available there.

- I can use any adv elixir on any item?
NO! That's pretty important, the Adv Elixirs are distributed in degrees, like the lucky powders. You can't use a D5 Adv Elixir on a D11 item.

- Are Adv Elixirs stall-able?
- Yes

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Alchemy 101
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