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 Guild Guide

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PostSubject: Guild Guide   Guild Guide Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 9:20 pm

Guild Guide

Author: Taalon aka

Credit to Taalon aka, thanks very much for giving us permission to put this guide on our site.

Discuss this guide on forum

A.Grant Authorities


C.Guild Levels

D.Options from Guild Agent

E.Missing President Info

F.Handing guild over

G.Guild War Info

A.Guild leaders can grant these athorities.

Join (allows person to invite to guild)
Withdrawl (allows you to remove someone)
Name (not in game as far as i know)
Storage (not in game as far as i know)
Notice (allows them to change guild notice)

B. Buttons are as follows.

Joining - to invite new members (must have them targeted)
Grant Authority - (Guild Master Only)
Withdrawl - This bans member from guild (they can be Reinvited)
Secede - Removes you from Guild
Grant Name - Not working currently

C.Guild Levels

Level 1 - cost 500,000 gold, allows for 15 members (starting level)
Level 2 - Costs 5400 GP, and 3,000,000 gold, allows for 20 Members and guild to be in a Union.
Level 3 - Costs 50,400 Gp, and 9,000,000 gold, allows for 25 Members.
Level 4 - Costs 135,000 GP, and 15,000,000 gold allows for 35 Members.
GP = Guild Points, as you earn Skill Points the guild earns Guild Points. It has been said its 1/1 but only updates when you earn 10 pts, or log out. Also note that once your guild gets 100% needed for next level, you earn no more GP till you level up.

D.At the Guild Agent (Leebaek) these are the options to a guild leader.

1.promote guild (move it to next level when you have the GP and gold needed)
2.Disorganize a guild (not sure but i think this throws everyone out)
3.Leave the Presidential rights (this is how you hand it over if your the Guild Leader)
4.0 (not sure probably for storage later on)
5.Vote the president
6.Stop to Conversation (lol love how its to instead of the lol)

E.Missing guild leader.

Also any guild leader missing for 45 days allows the guild to vote on a new president. The members who have logged on within the last 15 days will be candidates. Once someone gets 60% of the vote they will be made the leader. If you vote 2 times you last vote counts and your first is ignored.

F.Handing over a guild.

Also a President can turn Presidency over to another. Example, I had char A as leader, but desided i liked to play Char B more. So i went and set B as the master and A reverted to a member.

G.Guild War Info.(not yet all confirmed)

1. you do lose xp but its like when you lose xp while in a job suit.
2. you do gain xp and sp just like above not much but a little.
3. gold is only gained if the guild leaders put money up as a bet, not sure how you receive it tho.
4. You do not gain items, unless they are dropped like during a normal death.
5. You guild leader can abandon a war but it takes 60 seconds to end, and it counts down.

Also if anyone is killed or kills anyone in the other guild it prints it for the guilds in teh battle to see it. IE bob just killed joe from guild bravo.
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Guild Guide
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