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 [Guide]The Ultimate Pure INT Spear

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PostSubject: [Guide]The Ultimate Pure INT Spear   Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:02 am

I take the Guide from here

I noticed a demand for a guide like this, seeing most of the ones there is are either outdated or not as comprehensive.

So here it is, took me awhile but its nothing Wow:

I just noticed something I missed: Total Sp needed for this build(80 Cap) is: 419,874

[size=150]Useful Links and Discussions:[/size]

*Fire vs. Light nuke stat comparison Thanks to Stress for digging the stats out.
*A small PvP vs. a +6 well geared glavier (80 Cap)


Credit goes to [SD]Raingul and Fug_Dup for the inspiration.


[size=150]Update[26th January 2008th][/size] Some skill descriptions corrected, Intro question added, some spelling mistakes corrected.
[size=150]Update[12th February 2008th][/size] 90 Cap preparation and suggestions added as a new page to the guide. (I'd like to thank Anhungered from Alps for linking me to the 9D item icons, as I was lazy to PK2 them all over. *thumbs up*)

Comments and feedback are DEMANDED. Do not use or copy this guide on any other forums without asking for my permission.


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[Guide]The Ultimate Pure INT Spear
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