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 [GUIDE] European SubClasses

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] European SubClasses   [GUIDE] European SubClasses Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 4:11 am

I take the guide from here

Before you start reading:
This is my first guide, give me opinions and advices, only flame if it is really necessary. I will be trying to make this topic the finisher of all those small questions about european subclasses. Forgive me, but my english is not perfect, so there may be some mistakes. This topic is kind of resumed. I thought a lot before doing this, so please answer in the same level, think before you speak.

I- Warrior
II- Rogue
III- Wizard
IV- Warlock
V- Bard
VI- Cleric
VII- European Videos
VIII- To Finish

[size=200]I- Warrior[/size]

-For further warrior subclass discussion: Link.

In my opinion, the best subclass for warrior is cleric. Bard will be only for speed, but in parties the role of a warrior will be tanking, so why taking bard? You will be a much more better overall warrior with cleric as sub. Some people use warlock as a sub of a 1h warrior, it is pretty good, you will be able to absorb your enemy life and deal some good damage to it (trough debuffing), but if you face an enemy with Holy Word, you will have some difficulties killing it.

[size=200]II- Rogue[/size]

In bold: XemnasXD correct opinions due to experience and knowledge which I lacked about rogues.

-For further rogue subclass discussion: Link.

This is a very discussed one. In my opinion, the best subclass for xbow rogue will be bard. That is because in pvp and pve you will be able to 1 hit pretty much everything near your level. If you are not able to 1-3 hit something with CE or DD then you will have to run.

Not True. If your using Xbow which is the preferred PvE weapon your KB and KD skills will more than compensate if your not able to 1 hit mobs. In PvP if yoru Using Daggers or Xbow chances are you'll often encounter ppl you can't kill in 1-3 hits which is where sub-classes are supposed to help out. Theres tons of rogue videos out there showing Rogues having fights that can last as long as any Chinese PvP battle.

Cleric will be a great help while you are with CE or DD activated, you will have pretty much normal defense, with super attack, this will be a great help while pvping.

Not True. Its been tested b4 that casting Bless while having DD or CX active will not cancel out the effects of either you defense will still be extremely low and only slightly higher because DD and CX work in % not in points. If your using CX you'll benfit from Bless slightly because it will increase yoru Magic Defense since CX doesn't impede on that anyway.

While you are in pve, cleric will not be that usefull, it will only help when you get some mobs on you, or fighting a giant or party monster. With cleric you will also have recovery division, that lasts for a lot of time, and works as an autopot, this is an really great help, in both pvp and pve.

Recovery Division is great help in both party and Solo PvP. A Smart Rogue with a Cleric sub will simply cast bless if they get overwhelmed and fight off the mobs and then re-cast DD or CX when they are out of danger. Bards best PvE offering is Noise which won't help if your mobbed by champions or giants.

I do not know much about daggers rogue, but I think that its not so different from xbow rogue.

There is a big difference. Xbows and Dagger rogues have completely different playing style. One uses close combat and is always in the thick of the fight while the other stays far away and has access to range. Because of this they benefit differently from different subs. An Xbow user will benifit more from Noise than a Dagger rogue for example.

A lot of people will argue that with cleric as sub you will be able to tank, but you will never tank like an warrior, and without CE or DD an warrior would probably hit equal or more than you would. In pvp, probably your worst enemy will be warrior. Chineses using snow shields of around 50%, according to bigbamboo will not be able to outstand your hits, but they will probably represent some danger to you. Warriors will probably have cleric as sub and they already have mana skin and iron skin, so they will be able to tank for 45+45 = 90 seconds.

Any warrior with a Cleric or Warlock Subclass will be a problem for Rogues as well as plain Warlocks. But if a Rogue has Warlock Sub-class this immediately negates the staying power of Warriors making it the Best in terms of 1vs1 PvP.

Unfortunately there is no perfect build. Rogue/Warlock is not a good choice. If you want a high damage dealer with warlock as sub, then go Wizard/Warlock. You will be able to use warlock attacks and dots with ease as you will be an full int.

You clearly haven't seen a Rogue/Warlock in action. I could say alot but i'll refer you to this video. Rogue/Warlock PvP Compilation and leave it at that. (see some videos part for the link)

[size=200]III- Wizard[/size]

-For further wizard subclass discussion: Link.

For wizard you will be able to get bard if you want to be the king of pve, or cleric if you want to be able to do some tanking. You will be pretty much like a rogue, able to 1-3 hit almost everything near your level. In my opinion the best subclass in average will be bard. You are able to kill almost everything without being touched. So Cleric is useless. Probably your worst enemy will be warrior, maybe some chineses with snow shield will be some trouble, but im not so sure. That is because warriors will probably have cleric as sub and they already have mana skin and iron skin, so they will be able to tank for 45+45 = 90s. Unfortunately there is no perfect build. There are some people who use warlock as sub, and they deal some uber damage, but your worst enemies will be those with holy word on. Wizard/Warlock is a good choice, for both pvp and pve, as you will be able to tank giants using warlock, and 1 hit pretty much anyone thats debuffed.

[size=200]IV- Warlock[/size]

-For further warlock subclass discussion: Link.

I do not have much info about this one, but the best subclass would probably be cleric, as you will be able to do some real tanking, with bless spell, absorbing your enemies hp, and healing yourself with division. If you do not use Warlock/cleric then probably you will be doing another class with warlock as a sub.
Update: Warlock is a very formidable main class, so bard would be very useful as a subclass. Main positive points of bard subclass over cleric subclass: Speed, Requires less SP, Noise skill which makes aggro mobs ignore you (like passive ones).

[size=200]V- Bard[/size]

-For further bard subclass discussion: Link.

Bard is almost only used as a sub. Well, if you are going to be an bard/something then its because you like to help parties, and so the best subclass would be cleric. If not, then you will be probably using bard as a subclass.

[size=200]VI- Cleric[/size]

-For further cleric subclass discussion: Link.

Cleric is almost only used as a sub. The best subclass for cleric in my opinion is bard, as you will be an uber helper of your party, you can also get warlock as a sub for cleric, cleric/warlock or warlock/cleric are good party helpers and they do good in pvp too. If its not bard nor warlock, then you will be something/cleric, and therefore cleric will be the subclass.

[size=200]VII- Some Videos[/size]
-Vapore, 1H Warrior/Warlock: Click here.
-Vortex, 2H Warrior: Click here.
-Euro PvP, shows a 2h warrior with no subclass and a rogue/cleric: Click here.
-Two videos of an wizard/warlock: Click here and here.
-A bard/cleric cool video: Click here.
-This is my preferred euro pvp video, shows a rogue/cleric, a 2h warrior, and an warlock/cleric : Click here.
-aHealer, an high lvl wizard/cleric pvp video: Click here.
-Another rogue/cleric video: Click here.
-An only rogue video: Click here.
-A rogue/warlock pvp compilation: Link.

[size=200]VIII- To Finish[/size]
Well, the guide is not 100%, but with your HELP and OPINIONS we will maybe achieve it. Hope this topic helps. If you have questions about subclasses try asking them here, maybe I can further help you, and end up upgrading this topic trough your questions and debate. I will be frequently editing this guide to correct errors and keep it up-to-date with new strategies, and whatever I can.
- Updated rogue and wizard according to bigbamboo opinion. (Jan 03)
- Updated rogue again, according to bigbamboo help again. (Jan 03)
- Update with new videos. (Jan 03)
- Update with some more rogue videos. (Jan 04)
- Update with new video, and updated rogue part. Thanks to XemnasXD. (29 Mar)
- Update with rogue subclasses external link of discussion. (29 Mar)
- Added link to specific topics for the discussion of subclasses of each primary class. (11 April)
- Updated some parts of the guide.(April 29)
- Updated some minor points, mainly warlock part.(December 5)

- Make a summarized comparison for all main classes comparing their best/recommended subclasses.[/size]

[GUIDE] European SubClasses Gargauht [GUIDE] European SubClasses Lord_Fight [GUIDE] European SubClasses Lady_Fight
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[GUIDE] European SubClasses
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